Brief Biographical Summary and Long CV

Dr. Thomas J. Peters took his Ph.D. in General Topology from Wesleyan University in 1982. This is a highly theoretical area of mathematics, but Dr. Peters became an international pioneer for topology within computation. He remains a leader in computational topology, with contemporary advances emerging in topological ddata analysis to address issues of big data. He has years of experience as a senior technical staff member at a Fortune 500 Company specializing in computer aided design and manufacturing. He changed the industry perspective to realize that surface intersection problems required topological algorithms to resolve the pernicious geometric robustness problem. He leverages those insights in current research on topological and geometric algorithms for visual analytics of petabyte output of high performance computing simulations of molecular dynamics. He has been consistently funded by major federdal and industrial sponsors, inclusive of a 15 year collaboration with IBM.

CV (Full Version -- updated August 9, 2017)